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For the best hiring experience in AJobThing, use credits to unlock job posts and Talent profiles.

Bulk Hiring

Our hiring campaign service SONAR helps companies fill multiple vacancies in a short time.

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Search and discover from our database of more than 4 million talents.

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Promote your employer branding online and attract the best candidates to your company.

600 Credits
You can post Either:
4 Maukerja Job Ads, or
2 Ricebowl Job Ads
RM 600

RM 550*

Credit Validity 90 Days
1200 Credits
You can post Either:
8 Maukerja Job Ads, or
4 Ricebowl Job Ads
RM 1200

RM 1000*

Credit Validity {{mixindtoy(365,true)}} Year(s)
Most Popular
2600 Credits
You can post Either:
17 Maukerja Job Ads, or
8 Ricebowl Job Ads
RM 2600

RM 2000*

No Expiry Date
7000 Credits
You can post Either:
46 Maukerja Job Ads, or
23 Ricebowl Job Ads
RM 7000

RM 5000*

No Expiry Date
Post UNLIMITED job ads on:
*6% SST apply
Job Ad Posting
By posting a job unlocked, you can view the full profiles and resumes of all your applicants. If you prefer to post a job for FREE and unlock later, you can post a locked job by clicking here.
Malay and English language job website with over 4 Million Job Candidates from Malaysia
RM 150 (150 Credits)
Mandarin and English-language job website with over 1 million job candidates from Malaysia
RM 300 (300 Credits)
First internship-focused job website with over 1 million intern from Malaysia and Singapore
RM 50 (50 Credits)
Job Ad Add-Ons
Boost your job ad performance with these add-ons to help get more quality applicants, faster.
RM 300 (300 Credits)
Your job will be positioned at the top of the job listing. Runs for 10 days.
RM 50 (50 Credits)
Special styling will make your job ad stand out from the rest. Runs for 30 days.
Bump Up
RM 20 (20 Credits)
Automatically bump up your job ad on the job list. Runs weekly.
From RM 50 (50 Credits) to RM 250 (250 Credits)
Reach thousands more job seekers, extend your job expiry, and post your job to LinkedIn and more
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