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Our History

Agensi Pekerjaan Ajobthing was founded in 2013 as Brightan System. We are a recruitment solutions specialist, and our signature product, the Maukerja job portal, was created in the same year.

Ajobthing was created as a solution for businesses struggling to source blue-collar and non-executive workers, that represents almost 36% of the working population. Most job portals are targeted to the English-speaking community and focus on hiring executive roles.

Our job platforms solve the language barrier for job seekers using existing job portals in the market, so we started Maukerja for the Bahasa Malaysia-speaking community, and Ricebowl.my a year later, upon seeing an increase in demand from the Mandarin-speaking community.

An Award-Winning Job Portal

In 2018, Ajobthing’s product Maukerja was awarded the Best Job Portal in the Asia Recruitment Awards, a benchmark within the recruitment industry and the only regional recruitment awards show dedicated to celebrating the best in talent acquisition within Asia.

In the same year, Ajobthing was awarded Winner of the Best Recruitment Portal category in HumanResources HR Vendors of the Year 2018.

We are also HRDF registered training providers, and are an MSC Status company


Our Recruitment Technology

We provide software products and services focusing on the non-executive job segment, successfully establishing well-known brands and products (job portals – MauKerja.my & Ricebowl.my & Internsheeps.com, recruitment management tool – Insights & mass-hiring marketing campaigns – Shoutout) to the regional market.

Our core offerings focus on helping employers hire for entry and junior-level positions, which are critical to high-turnover industries, in particular F&B, Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and BPO.

As an end-to-end recruitment services provider, we offer innovative supporting services such as customised hiring packages, employer branding, digital marketing campaigns, career fair, salary reports, job post quality assessments, applicant matching and scoring, and more.

AJobThing’s Recruitment Tools & Services

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is a process to identify and hire the best and most relevant candidate that fits a job vacancy within an organization.

Recruitment involves compiling the job requirements and communicating it in the job description, advertising and promoting the job vacancy, having a good employer branding to attract job seekers, applicant screening, shortlisting and selection, job interviews, hiring and onboarding or integration.

By using Ajobthing to hire, recruiters can make their process faster, easier, and within budget.

What is Human Resource Management (HRM)?

The practice and process of HRM involves various HR disciplines concerning the management of people or personnel working in the organization, such as compensation and benefits, recruitment and hiring, company culture and policies, training and organizational development, health and safety, industrial relations and employee relations. HRM is also known as Human Capital Management.

Free Features for Employers

Employers using Ajobthing can manage and recruit job applicants using our dashboard, perform actions such as sending messages to applicants, shortlisting candidates, bulk messaging, view and track hiring performance using our analytic reports, and increase their Credibility Score by being active on Ajobthing to enjoy valuable rewards including free job posts.

Through Ajobthing, employers can access features such as candidate profile preview, applicant matching scores, job ad performance, recommended candidates, and many more. We provide them for free to make it easier for employers to find the best talent for their jobs.

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Hiring with AJobThing

We serve various hiring needs such as:

  • Hiring full-time, part-time, contract, freelance, gig workers
  • Hiring interns or trainees
  • Urgent hiring
  • Resume or CV search
  • Bulk hiring or mass hiring
  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Employer branding
  • Applicant screening and management
  • Multi-outlet recruitment management
  • Staff training and upskilling

Our team of dedicated account managers are ready to assist employers with the best recruitment advice and solutions. Employers may also purchase credits packages, which enable them to get job posts, add-ons, and candidate profiles at a more affordable bulk rate.

About Job Posting

Thousands of job vacancies are posted each month on our platforms and each job post on Ajobthing receives an average of 30 applications. How we are unique in our job ad offering is that employers can select multiple languages for their job description, in order to target job speakers fluent in the specific language.

How do job seekers find jobs?

Ajobthing’s job portals Maukerja, Ricebowl, and Internsheeps, meet job seekers wherever they are: we have presence on all channels including social media – where we enjoy active engagement with over 2 million followers on popular platforms – and our informative blog content with job search and career tips attracting thousands of readers daily.

The portals are available as mobile apps, and easily searchable online. Job seekers can select the language they are most comfortable using on the respective platforms.

How do companies find candidates?

Our intelligent talent matching system recommends the best matching candidates for every job posted with us. Employers can also find talent using our People Search feature, where they can input their specific requirements such as nationality, languages, education qualifications and more, to search the top matching candidates from our database. Employers can also view the individual matching score of every applicant to their job post.

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Our candidate database

In just 4 years, Ajobthing’s job portals have attracted over 20 million unique visitors. As of 2020, we have over 2.7 million registered job seekers in our database, with a focus and specialization within these sectors or industries:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resources: Human Resources (HR) Generalist, Human Resources (HR) Administrator, Human Resources (HR) Specialist, Recruiter, Talent Development, Human Resources (HR) Executive, Human Resources (HR) Officer.
  • Accounting: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Assistant, Accounts Manager, Tax Accountant, Auditor, Accounting Clerk, Accounting Administrator, Accounting Specialist
  • Manufacturing and Engineering: Project Engineer, Product Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Supplier Quality Engineer, Supervisor, Product Manager, Forklift Operator, Machine Operator, Quality Control, Technician.
  • Food and Beverage: Restaurant Manager, Waiter / Waitress, Barista, Executive Chef, Kitchen Crew, Delivery Rider.
  • Hotel and Hospitality: Popular positions include Hotel Operations, Guest Relations, Hotel Front Office, Housekeeping.
  • Retail and Merchandising: Popular positions include Retail Operations, Branch Personnel, Assistant Manager, Retail Supervisor, Logistics Supervisor, Shipping Supervisor, Warehouse Staff, Promoter, Retail Assistant, Retail Cashier.
  • Customer Service and Call Centres: Popular positions include Receptionist, Customer Service Manager, Customer Success, Credit Control Manager, Customer Service Executive, Telemarketing Executive, Customer Support Agent, Call Centre Officer, Outbound Telemarketer, Operator, Client Service Representative, Client Support Analyst.
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HR and Employer Resources

For more news, guides, and downloadable templates, visit our HR Blog.

Ajobthing registered users can enjoy free access to our Exclusive HR Content and our HR & Employer Library.

Interested in training? Find out more info here https://www.ajobthing.com/training