Are You Hiring? These Are The 4 Hiring Trends You Should Focus On

by Danial
Feb 18, 2019 at 10:19 AM

According to Randstad’s “Market Outlook 2019”, there is no better time to begin your digital transformation journey than now. According to the research, Malaysian employees are more interested in training and development in order to keep their skills up to date and help them stay employable.

The research also found that 99% of Malaysian employees aged between 35 to 54 feel that they have to actively look for opportunities to stay competitive.


1. Looking for high-skilled candidates

“Hyper-growth segments such as fintech startups and technology firms that are establishing development centers in Malaysia will increase their hiring next year to recruit high-skilled workers who can add value to the business,” said Ryan Carroll Country Director Randstad Malaysia.

As companies digitalise their operations in preparing for Industry 4.0, employers now are looking for digitally adept candidates with niche technical skills. Recruiting high-performing talent will continue to be a challenge for HR professionals, Ryan added.

2. Employee experience is now a priority

Employees nowadays realise the importance of a positive employee experience such as work-life initiatives, flexible work arrangement, and career progression opportunities.

Besides having a more productive workforce that continues to deliver superior performance, companies that invest in employee experience also experience better quality candidates and higher retention rates.


3. Calling overseas Malaysians to return home

As more global organisations open manufacturing plants and commercial offices in Malaysia, there will be more job opportunities for overseas Malaysians who are thinking about coming home.

Employers are very interested in hiring overseas Malaysians who can share the new knowledge they have gained from other countries. Their international experience, combined with their deep understanding of local nuances are increasingly sought after by enterprises.


4. Organisations are hiring critical thinkers

According to the study, competency-based interviews are becoming more popular. Technical test are no longer used, as interviewers are spending more time asking candidates how they have managed a difficult situation at work and what they have learned from it.

Employees will now need to focus more on added-value activities that machines cannot do. This is why companies are looking for candidates who possess high levels of empathy and strong people management and leadership skills.

Candidates who are critical thinkers, creative and innovative in they working style, and able to have open conversations with others, will also be highly sought after.


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