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Which HR Tools do you Really Need?

by Danial
Jan 08, 2019 at 5:29 PM

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In a growing organisation, it's not easy to become an HR professional. Thankfully, there are many options on the market today for HR tools, be it tracking, automating, and optimising almost everything. But with so many options, how do you know you're choosing the right tools for your organisation?


Compliance & Accuracy

Compliance and accuracy are key concerns for any organisation. A small error could cause a major loss. When HR professionals are trying to keep track of complex data such as payroll, hours worked, leaves, and benefits on manual spreadsheets, mistakes could easily happen. There's simple too much to manage, and there's no way to verify the data for accuracy.

In contrast, HR tools can help you track data with confidence. Enter the information once, and the software protects and tracks it from there. Controlling access, viewing changes, reminding employees and managers to submit their updates, all of these are easier to manage through HR tools.


Hiring Talent

You need to have a quick and engaging hiring process to attract and recruit today's top talents. A paper application and weeks long review process just doesn't cut it anymore. Once you manage to get a candidate through the hiring process, there is no guarantee they will accept your offer.

The right HR tools could assist your organisation in optimising the recruiting, hiring , and onboarding processes, making it easier to attract and retain the best candidates. Did you know that AJobThing has some of the best recruitment tools in Malaysia for non-executive and bulk hiring? Find out more here.


Employee Engagement

HR tools can benefit other employees too. When they have access to their own information and are able to answer their own questions such as "How many day offs do I have left?" without having to ask HR, they have a better overall experience in the organisation. They feel empowered and educated, and these contributes to higher engagement.


Choosing the Right HR Tools

HR tools are only useful if you're using them. Before you make a purchase, consider it carefully. Work through these steps to choose the best tools for your organisation.

  1. Determine why you need an HR tool.

    Think about how your organisation's goal match with the potential tool. Identify the needs and goals, then do your best to link those HR goals to larger company goals. This will keep you focused on the problems you want to solve as you choose the software to help solve them.

    It will also show your executive team how your efforts align with the bigger picture, include the bottom-line numbers that they care about.

  2. Identify key players and their concerns.

    Any tools you introduce will impact your whole organisation, so ensure all stakeholders agree with you. Consider their perspectives and priorities before you present a potential tool. When you understand the needs of the whole organisation, you can find the tools that best serve everyone.

  3. Align main features with end goals.

    Take time to list the needs and concerns you've identified during the last two steps, then match those with available features.

  4. See your options.

    A simple Google search shows the variety of options for HR tools. Make sure you go beyond screenshots and videos, and ask for a brief trial of the software.


Types of HR Tools


Core HR tools

Core HR tools cover all the basic operations including benefits payroll, and more. They are designed to automate tasks  that consume most of HR's time, freeing HR professionals up to focus on strategy.

  • Benefits Administration: Helps employee shop and sign up for health and dental care, life insurance and other benefits.

  • Data management: Store, update, organise, and track all of your organisation's employee info in one database

  • Payroll: Helps you get paychecks out on time with accurate numbers on them. It can calculate deductions for taxes, all while ensuring accuracy and compliance throughout the pay process.

  • Time tracking: Online time cards make it easy for employees, managers, and HR to keep track of hours worked.

  • Employee onboarding: when a new hire joins the team, onboarding software makes the process easy with features such as e-signatures, digital documents and online introductions.


Talent management tools

TM tools prioritise the acquisition and development of talent within your organisation.

  • Performance management: The software makes the process easier with automatic email reminders, employee evaluations, goal setting and more

  • Workforce planning: reporting and analytics tools for HR give you the information you need to plan for the future. You can track turnover trends, predict hiring, needs and more.

  • Communication: Video conferencing, chat, and collaboration tools can be a boon for any HR department. When your workforce have great communication, the whole organisation benefits from it.

HR tools will never replace HR professionals. But, choosing tools that align with both big picture goals and HR goals will help everyone succeed.


HR Tools in Malaysia

Here are some useful HR tools and softwares:

1. Swingvy

Swingvy is focused on modern HR tools, which means no more paper! Swingvy's functions include: Employee directory, leave management, company calendar, employee self-service, employee on/offboarding, performance management and many more.


2. HR.my

HR.my is a free multi-user online HR software with features such as leave management, attendance management and time clock, payroll processing, employee self-service, employee web portal and many more. 


3. Orisoft

With functions that range from payroll to analytics and outsourcing, Orisoft helps companies manage its human capital with dynamic competitive tools that is flexible, scalable and easily configurable.


4. Kakitangan

100% PPA compliant, Kakitangan offers simplified HR management tool. Hosting database on a secure cloud storage through encrypted data transfer, Kakitangan ensures the confidentiality of company's data. Other functions include leave management, simplified payroll system and automatic generation of HR forms.


5. HR2000

Complete with latest LHDN, KWSP, PERKESO, EIS, Zakat, Tabung Haji contributions, HR2000 offers payroll, time attendance, e-leave, e-claim, e-payslip, e-CBPA, and e-PCB2.


6. PayrollPanda

PayrollPanda an online payroll and leave management software which offers free expert support. Some of its features include eLeave, bank integrations, form generation, employee self service, QuickBooks and Xero integration.


This article is adapted from Tori Fica's Finding The Right HR Tools For Your Growing Business