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How to Hire Successfully For Less than RM200

by Danial
Dec 13, 2018 at 6:53 PM

As people are more connected and engaged online, job advertisements are being posted left and right at job portals and social networks. But here’s the problem, we have a jobs surplus in Malaysia, and it's hard to compete when your hiring budget is limited.

Why Pay When You Can Post for Free?

Employers everywhere are using every way possible to post job ads. Many think they can save money by posting on websites that offer free job listings such as classified websites and free job portals.

But here’s the catch: their job ad will not only have to compete with an endless sea of other free job postings, but also try not to be overshadowed by the paid ones. This means very few candidates will even see your job ad before it gets buried by other jobs. Out of all those candidates that do, only a handful will apply. You may end up with limited candidates to interview.

You can now post jobs on Facebook, but everyone's doing it too. Pic source: Facebook

As for social media, yes it's free to post jobs on Facebook, you can even get away with using LinkedIn's posts and Twitter's tweets as a job ad. However, your job ad's reach will be limited by how large your network is, unless you spend money to boost your post. And you'll still have to stand out from the hundreds of posts that flood social media feeds every day.

Although paid job ads can get you many more quality applicants, they usually cost RM450 and above. Plus, they only allow one job position per post, meaning if you have many vacancies and hire constantly, your hiring costs will easily soar to thousands of ringgit a month.

The good news is, even if you have less than RM200 budget, you CAN still hire online successfully! Here's how:

Get All This for Less than RM200:

  • Post your Job Ad on 15 top job websites including Maukerja, Ricebowl, LinkedIn, Jora, Careerjet, Jooble, and more
  • Reach up to 4 million job seekers!
  • Applicant management dashboard with performance analytics
  • Advanced filter: set requirements such as language, location, qualifications, and more
  • Bulk actions: SMS, shortlist, KIV, reject multiple applicants
  • Chat with applicants for pre-filtering or schedule interviews
  • 10 recommended top-matching candidates to your job requirements
  • Your own Account Manager to assist on all your hiring needs

AJobThing offers you all the above and more, a budget-friendly yet effective way to post your job ads. From only RM175, you can post your job ad and manage your recruitment process. Skeptical? No worries, you can post your job ad first and pay later too, when you're ready to hire!

AJobThing isn’t just a hiring platform, it’s a MULTI-platform hiring solution. Every job ad posted with Ajobthing will appear on 15 top job portals worldwide. Our network ensures effective bulk hiring that saves you time, effort and money. It's the top choice for non-executive hiring in Malaysia thanks to it's highly localized platforms:

Maukerja is an award-winning job portal that is established trust among the Bahasa Malaysia-speaking community. 

Ricebowl (铁饭网) is our exclusive job platform that is well-known amongst the Mandarin and English-speaking community, and still growing strong.

Internsheeps is our internship platform for students, graduates, and higher-education institutions who are seeking intern placements.


Real Results for Top Companies

AJobThing has helped many companies, be it large or small, to achieve their hiring targets. See for yourself:

The time is now, hire with AJobThing and achieve your hiring goals today! Post job ads from as low as RM175, reach millions of job candidates and receive at least 30 job applications! Visit www.AJobThing.com for more information.