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Guidelines for a Successful Video Interview

Nikki Blog
by Nikki Blog
Jun 22, 2020 at 4:03 PM

In a previous article, we discussed whether the video interview is a good interviewing method. We also explained the two types of video interviews: two-way video interviews and one-way video interviews. 

Now we will explain to you how to conduct a video interview. First, you’ll need to identify what you want to accomplish with video interviews. A successful video interview should accomplish these two goals:

  1. Communicate your company’s culture to candidates to the best of your abilities. You would want the candidate to have a consistent experience from interviewer to interviewer and one that represents the image and culture your company is trying to project.

  2. Minimises the possibilities for bias on your part as an interviewer. You would want the interviewer to see and hear the candidate without any distractions and allow the candidate to feel free to express their individuality.

It may not be perfect, but you can increase the likelihood of good outcomes by creating guidelines for interviewers and candidates and by communicating the reasoning behind your plan. 


Video Interview Guidelines

Your interview will be better if you have capable collaborators to help you conduct interviews, it will make your job easier in ensuring candidates have positive and consistent experiences during their interviews.

Woman on video conference
Make sure your internet connection speed is up to par.

You can create a checklist for your hiring collaborators on how to conduct video interviews, including guidelines such as:

  • Required equipment

    • Webcam, speakers, and microphone or a smartphone with video calling ability. You can also use earphones equipped with a microphone if you’re running out of choice.

    • Up-to-date operating system and internet browser

  • Internet connection

    • One-on-one calls: Zoom recommends a minimum of 600kbps up/down for one-on-one calls, and 1.2mbps up/down for 720p HD quality

    • Group calls: Zoom recommends an 800kbps/1.0Mbps (up/down) connection for high-quality group calls, and a minimum 1.5mbps up/down for 720p HD quality or gallery view

    • (You can check your internet connection speed here)

  • Dress code & appearance

    • Business professional, business casual, or casual, or clothing with company logo

    • Present a well-kempt image, i.e., wear clean, unwrinkled clothing and appear hygienic

    • No hats or other items that conceal or cast shadows on interviewers’ faces

  • Background & lighting

    • A peaceful place to conduct the interview

    • Find a well-lit place with a presentable background that is not distracting.

    • Virtual background––some software lets you use a virtual background, but be sure interviewers’ computers have adequate memory and processing speed for this

  • Conduct

    • Remind interviewers to smile and speak clearly and prepare just as they would for a workplace interview

    • Encourage first-time interviewers to familiarise themselves with the video call software to prevent dropped calls and accidental muting/unmuting

As work-from-home arrangements are starting to be the norm for many companies, the idea of video conferencing as the go-to form of communication is becoming more familiar. It’s a double-edged sword, people are more comfortable on camera which is good but people are starting to become more casual with video meetings which are not so good.

You cannot control what people say or how they act. But with these guidelines, you will not only remind everyone how important it is to conduct interviews well, but you can also maintain your company brand in the mind of candidates, reduce the impact of bias on your hiring choices, and preserve your company’s record of hiring the right talent for the right reasons.

Source: BambooHR

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