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EPF Account 3 (Akaun Fleksibel): A Quick Guide to EPF Account Restructuring

Cheng Zhe Ying
by Cheng Zhe Ying
May 20, 2024 at 5:59 PM

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EPF Restructures Accounts for Members Under 55: Introduction of New Akaun Fleksibel

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has announced a significant restructuring of its savings accounts for members under the age of 55, effective immediately. This restructuring introduces a new account system aimed at enhancing financial planning for retirement while addressing short-term financial needs.


New Account Structure


The current EPF accounts will be restructured into three distinct accounts:

  1. Akaun Persaraan (Retirement Account): Formerly known as Account 1, this account will now hold 75% of a member's savings.
  2. Akaun Sejahtera (Wellbeing Account): Known as Account 2, this will receive 15% of the savings, reduced from its previous allocation.
  3. Akaun Fleksibel (Flexible Account): Also named as Account 3, the newly introduced account will hold 10% of the savings, designed to cater to short-term financial needs and emergencies.


What is EPF Account 3 (Akaun Fleksibel) ?


EPF Account 3 (Akaun Fleksibel) is designed to meet members’ short-term financial needs. Savings in Akaun Fleksibel can be withdrawn once per day, with a minimum withdrawal amount of RM50 per day.

While the members have the freedom to withdraw funds whenever necessary, it's encouraged for them to utilize the funds wisely, prioritizing emergencies and immediate needs to ensure long-term financial stability.

Account 3 (Akaun Fleksibel) Withdrawals  are subject to the following conditions:

  • Below 55 years old. 
  • Have savings in Akaun Fleksibel. 
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is RM50. 


Rationale for Restructuring


EPF's restructuring initiative aims to balance long-term financial security with short-term liquidity. By increasing the proportion of savings in the Akaun Persaraan, the EPF seeks to ensure members have adequate funds for their retirement. The Akaun Fleksibel provides immediate access to funds in case of emergencies, supporting the overall financial well-being of contributors.


Transfer and Withdrawal Policies


When Account 3 (Akaun Fleksibel) is activated on May 11, it will start with a zero balance. Members have the option to transfer funds from Account 2 (Akaun Sejahtera) to Akaun Fleksibel between May 12 and August 31. The transfer process and the formula are detailed below:


For members with RM3,000 and above in Account 2 (Akaun Sejahtera), the transfer is based on a fractional formula:

  • Ten out of thirty (10/30) of the Akaun Sejahtera savings will be transferred to the Akaun Fleksibel 
  • Five out of thirty (5/30) of the Akaun Sejahtera savings will be transferred to the Akaun Persaraan
  • The remaining balance of fifteen out of thirty (15/30) will remain in the Akaun Sejahtera


Example: A member with RM100,000 total savings (RM70,000 in Akaun Persaraan and RM30,000 in Akaun Sejahtera) will see the following changes upon opting for the transfer:

  • RM10,000 transferred to Akaun Fleksibel
  • RM5,000 transferred to Akaun Persaraan (increasing it to RM75,000)
  • RM15,000 remains in Akaun Sejahtera


For members with less than RM3,000 in Akaun Sejahtera:

  • Members with RM1,000 to RM2,999 can transfer up to RM1,000 to Akaun Fleksibel, with the remaining balance staying in Akaun Sejahtera.
  • Those with less than RM1,000 can transfer the entire amount to Akaun Fleksibel.
  • No distribution to the Akaun Persaraan will occur for those with savings below RM3,000.


Transfers can be made via the KWSP i-Akaun mobile app or at self-service terminals at EPF branches.

Note that the transfer can only be completed once; partial transfers are not permitted for future adjustments.


Withdrawal Process


Members can withdraw from Akaun Fleksibel using the KWSP i-Akaun app or by visiting EPF branches. Withdrawals will be disbursed directly into the member's bank account upon approval, with a minimum withdrawal amount of RM50. The EPF advises members to use these funds prudently to avoid depletion for non-essential expenses.



This restructuring marks a pivotal step in addressing the long-term financial challenges faced by members while providing immediate financial flexibility. The EPF's advice is clear: withdrawals from Akaun Fleksibel should be reserved for urgent needs to ensure members' long-term financial security remains intact.


For more information and to manage your accounts, visit the KWSP i-Akaun app or contact your nearest EPF branch.


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