HR Practice: New Employee Onboarding Process and Checklist

HR Practice: New Employee Onboarding Process and Checklist

Welcome to the world of new employee onboarding! It's an essential part of HR practices that lays the groundwork for success within any organization.

What is Employee Onboarding?

Employee onboarding is about helping new hires settle into their new roles smoothly. It involves introducing them to both the social and performance aspects of their job, with the goal of boosting productivity and job satisfaction while reducing turnover. This includes teaching them about attitudes, skills, company culture, expectations, and behaviors needed to succeed within the organization.

New Employee Onboarding Checklist

An onboarding checklist serves as a structured guide for managers and HR personnel to prepare for the arrival of a new employee in an organization. It ensures that all essential preparatory measures are completed and assists new hires in navigating their initial days within the team.

1. The Welcome Email Checklist

This is the first official message your new hire will receive, aside from signing the contract. The email's goal is to create a positive impression and ensure they're set up for success right from the start.

  • Extend a warm welcome to the team
  • Detail the starting date, time, and location
  • Offer the phone number and email of their designated contact person
  • List the required documents for their convenience
  • Outline the schedule for their first day
  • Clarify any dress code requirements, if applicable
  • Attach pertinent company informational documents

2. Pre-Onboarding Checklist

  • Distribute a company-wide email introducing the new hire, including their name and role
  • Specify their start date and assigned office location
  • If possible, communicate details for a potential meet-and-greet session with coworkers
  • Ensure the department head is ready to welcome the new team member
  • Designate the location of the new employee's workstation
  • Arrange for the procurement of necessary equipment
  • Set up their accounts in the HR system and across all required platforms (provide a comprehensive list)
  • Arrange for security cards and keys as needed
  • Prepare a welcome package and position it at their workstation whenever possible
  • Compile all HR-related documents in advance


  • Attract candidates who are aligned with your values, possess relevant skills, and would fit well within your organization
  • Clearly articulate the desired qualifications for each role being recruited
  • Define the ideal candidate profile, including necessary skills, knowledge, and passions. Make a positive impression and ensure that individuals understand your company's identity. This initial interaction is crucial; while not all reached individuals may apply, they should still have a favorable perception of your company.

3. First-Day Checklist

  • Extend a warm welcome to the new employee upon their arrival
  • Facilitate introductions to colleagues and the department
  • Guide the new employee to their designated workstation
  • Conduct a brief tour of essential areas such as entrances, restrooms, kitchen, and common room
  • Introduce the new employee to their onboarding buddy
  • Ensure they can successfully log in to their workstation and verify equipment functionality
  • Grant access to any available learning resources
  • Provide comprehensive information, including guides and protocols
  • Verify the functionality of all credentials and access permissions
  • Schedule a meeting with the employee's supervisor
  • Arrange a welcome lunch with the new employee and their team
  • If possible, schedule a one-to-one meeting after the day


  • Ensure your new employee feels comfortable and valued right from the start. On the first day, prioritize introductions, fostering positive impressions, acquainting them with colleagues, and providing an initial glimpse into their responsibilities in the new role
  • Set clear expectations for the new role with the employee. As they're introduced to their team, clarify each team member's role and how they will collaborate moving forward

4. First-Week Checklist

  • Arrange a welcome coffee if possible
  • Grant access to and inform the employee where to locate company policies
  • Ensure the employee has met with the department head and all key individuals relevant to their role
  • Confirm that short-term goals have been established
  • Verify that all equipment and software requirements have been addressed
  • Provide guidance to the new employee regarding security and fire procedures
  • Coordinate additional training as necessary
  • Organize and extend an invitation to the new employee to participate in team-building activities
  • Schedule a one-to-one meeting at the week's end
  • Add the new employee to the birthday list to ensure their celebration is not overlooked


  • Ensure the new hire meets everyone they'll collaborate closely with
  • Outline clear goals for the new employee, including targets to accomplish before the trial period concludes, objectives for the first year, and longer-term career development goals
  • Facilitate training sessions for the new hires to familiarize them with the technology they'll utilize, grasp their team's schedule, and start on minor tasks
  • Ensure the new hire has a supportive network available to assist them when needed

5. First Month Checklist

  • Create and send a first-month onboarding survey.

Example survey questions:

  1. Do you feel like you are a valued part of the company?
  2. Do you feel like the company is meeting your expectations?
  3. Do you feel like you have the tools and resources you need?
  4. Have you outlined your goals with your supervisor?
  5. Do you feel you are making progress towards your outlined goals?

  • Set a meeting with the department head about the employee’s progress.
  • Set a one-to-one meeting with the employee at the end of the month.
  • Check the employee’s feelings about the job.
  • Invite the new employee to participate in activities for team members.


  • Ensure the employees are set up for success by providing ongoing support, developmental opportunities, and regular check-ins with relevant team members
  • Cultivate a sense of community within your organization through team-building activities and one-on-one interactions
  • Evaluate how the organization's onboarding process can be enhanced.


The new employee onboarding process and checklist play a crucial role in helping new hires feel welcomed, understand their roles, and integrate smoothly into the company culture. By following a structured onboarding process, organizations can set the stage for long-term success and foster positive employee experiences from day one.

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