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Corporate Income Tax Malaysia: All You Need to Know

Venus Low
by Venus Low
Jun 13, 2024 at 1:09 PM

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Navigating the Malaysian business landscape involves understanding its corporate tax system. But to manage your finances well, it's important to understand how Malaysia corporate taxes work. In this article, we'll talk about Malaysia's company tax rates, how to file taxes for your business, and who needs to pay them. Understanding these taxes will help you make smart decisions for your business.


What is Corporate Income Tax Malaysia

Corporate income tax, also known as company tax, is a direct tax applied to the profits generated by businesses operating in Malaysia. Malaysia corporate income tax is directly imposed by the government on both resident and non-resident companies that earn income within the country. The rate of corporate income tax in Malaysia varies depending on the classification of the company.


How to File Corporate Income Tax Malaysia

Filing corporate income tax in Malaysia involves several steps:

Submitting estimated tax payable

Businesses can choose to submit their estimated tax payment through electronically using e-filing (e-CP204) or in person at the LHDNM Processing Centre. New companies have to do this within three months of starting, while existing ones do it 30 days before the new year. 


Paying the estimated tax

Companies have to pay the tax via CP207 they estimated every month, by the 10th. New companies start paying after six months, while existing ones start after two months.


Filing and Submitting Form C

After paying the estimated tax, companies need to fill out Form C and send it to the tax office. This can be done online through e-filing (e-C) or at the LHDNM Processing Centre.


New Company Corporate Tax Information

New companies in Malaysia have some extra rules to follow to certain stipulations concerning tax filing and payment. Within three months of starting, these newly registered companies are mandated to provide an estimate of the tax due. Then, from the sixth month, monthly tax installments are required to be remitted by the 15th of each month.

At the end of the year, every company has to file its tax return via the e-filing portal. If their payable tax exceeds the earlier estimated amount, the company must settle the outstanding balance. If they paid too much, the company is entitled to request a tax refund

It's important for companies to follow these tax filing and payment mandates to ensure alignment with Malaysian tax regulations. Getting help from tax experts or accountants who know about Malaysian taxes can make sure everything is done right.


Corporate Tax Rates in Malaysia

Here's a simplified breakdown of corporate tax rates for different types of companies in Malaysia:

Company Type

Paid-up Capital

Gross Income from Business

Tax Rate on Initial Income

Tax Rate on Subsequent Income

Resident Company (with lesser paid-up capital)

Up to RM 2.5 million

Up to RM 50 million

17% on first RM 600,000

24% on the excess

Independently Operated Resident Company




24% flat rate

Non-resident Company




24% flat rate


Who Needs to Pay Corporation Tax

All companies operating in Malaysia, resident or non-resident, must pay corporate tax on income earned or received from Malaysia.


How to Calculate Company Tax in Malaysia

Calculating company tax in Malaysia involves several steps. Here's a simplified guide along with an example:

Determine Taxable Income

Start by calculating your company's taxable income. This includes all revenue earned from business operations minus allowable deductions and exemptions.

Example: Let's say your company earned RM 1,000,000 in revenue and incurred RM 300,000 in deductible expenses. Your taxable income would be RM 1,000,000 - RM 300,000 = RM 700,000.


Apply Tax Rate

Once you have the taxable income, apply the applicable corporate tax rate to calculate the tax payable. In Malaysia, the corporate tax rate is typically 24%, but it may vary based on factors such as the type of company and the amount of income.

Example: Using the taxable income from the previous example (RM 700,000), if the corporate tax rate is 24%, the tax payable would be 24% of RM 700,000, which is RM 168,000.


Consider Tax Incentives and Exemptions

Malaysia offers various tax incentives and exemptions to encourage investment and economic growth. These may include incentives for specific industries, pioneer status, reinvestment allowance, and more. Be sure to factor in any applicable incentives or exemptions to reduce the tax liability.

Example: If your company qualifies for a tax incentive that allows for a 20% reduction in taxable income, and your taxable income is RM 700,000, the adjusted taxable income would be RM 700,000 - (20% of RM 700,000) = RM 560,000. Then, apply the corporate tax rate to this adjusted taxable income to calculate the tax payable.


File Tax Returns

Once you have calculated the tax payable, file your company's tax returns with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDNM) by the specified deadline. Ensure accuracy and compliance with tax regulations to avoid penalties or fines.

Example: If the tax payable on the adjusted taxable income (RM 560,000) is RM 134,400, this would be the amount to be reported and paid to the tax authorities.

Remember to consult with a tax professional or accountant for personalized advice and to ensure accurate compliance with Malaysian tax laws.


In Malaysia, all companies, whether local or international, face a corporate income tax rate of 24% on their earnings in the country. However, there are some special cases. This article will explain these exceptions and discuss the corporate tax rates and incentives available to your company in Malaysia. In summary, it's important for both local and foreign companies in Malaysia to understand the corporate tax rate. Following tax laws, such as filing and paying taxes on time, is crucial for obeying the rules and creating a good business atmosphere in Malaysia.

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