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 Compassionate Leave: A Guide for HR's in Malaysia

Asha Lokanathan
by Asha Lokanathan
Apr 30, 2024 at 2:27 PM

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 Compassionate Leave: A Guide for HR's in Malaysia

As an HR Manager in Malaysia, knowing about compassionate leave is important. It's a type of leave given to employees when they experience the loss of a loved one or have a family emergency. In this article, we'll explain what compassionate leave is and suggestions on how to implement it in a fair and supportive way.

The Rules for Compassionate Leave in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the Employment Act 1955 sets the rules for compassionate leave. According to the law, employees are entitled to at least three days of paid compassionate leave when an immediate family member dies. Immediate family members include parents, spouses, children, and siblings. Employers can give more compassionate leave days if they want.

How to Implement Compassionate Leave Policies

When creating compassionate leave policies, HR managers should consider these things:

  1. Tell Employees Clearly: Make sure all employees know about the compassionate leave policy. Explain who can take it, what documents are needed, and how to apply for it.
  2. Be Flexible: Consider allowing compassionate leave for close friends or domestic partners, even if they're not immediate family members.
  3. Ask for Proof: Have a simple process for employees to show proof, like a death certificate or funeral notice. Keep this information private and respect their privacy.
  4. Offer More Leave: Consider giving extra unpaid leave or flexible work options for employees who need more time to cope with their loss or handle family emergencies.
  5. Create a Supportive Environment: Provide resources like grief counseling, employee assistance programs, or access to support groups for employees who need help.

Why Compassionate Leave Matters

Compassionate leave is important for these reasons:

  1. Helps Employees: Compassionate leave gives employees time to grieve, heal, and take care of their families. It shows that their well-being matters.
  2. Balances Work and Life: Employers show employers care about work-life balance by offering compassionate leave. This can make employees happier and more loyal.
  3. Keeps Employees Engaged: Supporting employees during tough times with compassionate leave can make them more likely to stay with the company and be engaged in their work.
  4. Builds a Good Reputation: Having compassionate leave policy shows that the company cares. This can make the company look good to both employees and the public.
  5. Follows the Law: Following the rules for compassionate leave keeps the company legal and avoids problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. Can compassionate leave be used for non-family emergencies?
    Compassionate leave is mainly for family emergencies or when an immediate family member dies. However employers can offer other types of leave for non-family emergencies.
  • 2. Can compassionate leave days be saved for later?
    The law doesn't say if compassionate leave days can be saved. Employers can decide if employees can save those days for later.
  • 3. Can employees take half-days of compassionate leave?
    Employers can allow employees to take half-days of compassionate leave if they need to. But there should be clear rules about this to be fair to everyone.
  • 4. Can compassionate leave be used for funerals outside of Malaysia?
    Yes, compassionate leave can be used for funerals outside of Malaysia. Employers may ask for proof, like a death certificate or funeral notice.
  • 5. Can compassionate leave be given for the loss of a pet?
    Compassionate leave is usually for immediate family members. But employers can offer other types of leave, like personal leave, for employees who lose a pet.

Remember, this article is a general guide and not legal advice. Talk to legal professionals or refer to the Employment Act 1955 for specific guidance on compassionate leave in Malaysia.

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