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Winners of International HR Day: 15 Most Responsive Employers 2024

Cheng Zhe Ying
by Cheng Zhe Ying
May 20, 2024 at 10:31 AM

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International HR Day is recognising and celebrating the value and positive impact from HR brings to the company and its employees. International Human Resource Day is celebrated on May 20th each year. International HR Day also known as IHRD. 


Why celebrate International HR Day?

International Human Resource Day is about honoring the invaluable work of HR and all employers. As we know, HR is vital for any company. Everything HR or employers do, from hiring new people to improving employee experience and skills to handling lots of employee data, helps your company reach its goals and succeed. While it may sound simple, in today's fast-paced and competitive business world, ensuring success is no easy task.


How does AJobThing celebrate International HR Day?

AJobThing is honored to present the Most Responsive Employer Awards to these 15 outstanding companies, recognizing the invaluable contributions of HR to their success. Human Resource Day holds significant importance for AJobThing and provides an opportunity for us all to celebrate the impactful work that contributes to a better and more meaningful work environment. It's also time for reflection on the steps we can take and the tools needed to further advance in the HR profession.

On this International Human Resource Day 2024, AJobThing extends heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated employers and HR professionals who continuously support us. HR plays a pivotal role in fostering positive and productive workplaces within every company.

AJobThing, along with Ricebowl and Maukerja, is thrilled to commend the Top 15 Most Responsive Employers! These esteemed HR professionals deserve applause for their unwavering dedication to their companies.


The Top 15 Most Responsive Employers 


1.     Flash Malaysia Express Sdn Bhd

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/flash-express-malaysia-sdn-bhd

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/flash-express-malaysia-sdn-bhd


2.     Telecontinent Sdn Bhd

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/telecontinent-sdn-bhd

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/telecontinent-sdn-bhd


3.     Watsons Personal Care Stores Sdn Bhd

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/watsons-personal-care-stores-sdn-bhd

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/watsons-personal-care-stores-sdn-bhd


4.     Habib Group

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/Habib-Jewels-Sdn-Bhd.

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/Habib-Jewels-Sdn-Bhd


5.     Macro Acres Sdn Bhd

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/macro-acres

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/macro-acres


6.     Brightstar Computer Sdn. Bhd.

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/brightstar-computer-sdn-bhd

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/brightstar-computer-sdn-bhd


7.     Abang Usedcar

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/abang-usedcar

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/abang-usedcar


8.     ICE Holidays Sdn Bhd

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/ice-holidays-sdn-bhd

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/ice-holidays-sdn-bhd


9.     SLS Bearings (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/sls-bearings-malaysia-sdn-bhd

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/sls-bearings-malaysia-sdn-bhd


10.  myNEWS Retail Sdn Bhd

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/mynews-retail-sdn-bhd

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/mynews-retail-sdn-bhd


11.  Duo Creative Advertising

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/design-pro

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/design-pro


12.  Aegis BPO Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/aegis-bpo-malaysia-sdn-bhd

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/aegis-bpo-malaysia-sdn-bhd


13.  AEON Co. (M) Bhd.

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/aeon-co-m-bhd

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/aeon-co-m-bhd


14.  Webhelp Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/webhelp-apac

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/webhelp-apac


15.  Erican Language Centre Sdn Bhd

Ricebowl: https://www.ricebowl.my/company/erican-language-centre-sdn-bhd

Maukerja: https://www.maukerja.my/company/erican-language-centre-sdn-bhd


The winners were chosen based on their activity on the AJobThing recruitment platform, and their engagement with the Maukerja and Ricebowl company profile pages by regularly updating company information, and images, and consistently interacting with job applications. These employers have demonstrated exceptional dedication to creating supportive and engaging workplaces that prioritize employee satisfaction and growth.


Once again, congratulations to all the employers who received the Most Responsive Employers Awards from AJobThing, Maukerja, and Ricebowl. Your commitment to responsiveness is truly commendable and sets a fantastic example for workplaces everywhere.


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