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What Should HR Do if Employees Always Work Late?

by Danial
Dec 31, 2018 at 2:56 PM

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Today’s market requires companies to be competitive at the highest level, so it’s not a surprise to see employees staying at work till late hours. Be it meeting a deadline or managing a crisis, late working hours is not a rare situation in today’s world as you can see with China’s 9-9-6 culture.

This presents a very pressing concern regarding employees’ health, wellbeing and safety. Every organisation should adopt specific measures and enforce relevant rules to protect employees against any danger.


Working-time legislation enforcement

Extremely long working hours on a regular basis, addled with irregular sleep, takes a large toll on employees’ physical and mental health. Thus, an organisation must enforce policies and rules that will allow an employee to either clock in late, or avail a paid day off after long days of working. This will give employees some time recuperate and get a break from the stress and tension from work.


Ensure relevant people are informed

When a worker needs to stay back at office beyond the usual working hours, the organisation needs to ensure that their manager, as well as HR, are aware of it. The worker’s family should also know their whereabouts, and the office has his complete medical details and other important information.

The family doctor’s contact numbers as well as relatives’ should also be kept in the office records. This will ensure that help is readily available in case of an emergency as well as reducing the stress and anxiety that family members experience on such days.


Promote positive work environment and healthy working habits

Most corporate employees are living the sedentary lifestyle which takes a huge toll on their health in the long run. The organisation is responsible in ensuring that the working conditions are optimal, with adequate lighting and ventilation as well as 24-hours access to the pantry providing healthy food options as well as clean toilets.

It's important to promote healthy working habits to ensure employees take better care of themselves.

Working on the company is a part of today’s job requirement, so it’s is important that they take a break from staring at the screen once every hour. This will protect them from several health risks and conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome


Policies for pregnant employees and new mothers

Ever organisation has the responsibility to not only ensure that there are appropriate leave policies in place for pregnant employees and new mothers, but to also take extra measures to make them feel safe and comfortable.

If it’s possible, they should be allowed to work from home for a period of time. Managers and Hr need to ensure that they are not overworked, so that they are able to efficiently balance and manage their responsibilities at home and at work.


Verified security devices and personnel

To ensure the organisation protects its employees effectively, security checks and regular maintenance must be conducted by it. This involves checking whether all the security devices are working correctly, including biometric scanners and CCTV cameras. A single fault in the system could compromise the safety of all employees.

Security guards’ credentials must be verified, along with conducting regular drills and training sessions to make sure they are well-equipped to deal with any kind of a crisis situation, as and when it will arise.


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This article is based on #5 Measures to Adopt if Employees are Working late by Ramesh Iyer.