Top 10 Highest-Paid Companies in Malaysia in 2023

Siti Khairina Mohd Fikri
by Siti Khairina Mohd Fikri
Sep 20, 2023 at 2:33 PM

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Malaysia's economy is currently experiencing growth and development, resulting in numerous opportunities, especially within the job market. As we commence the year 2023, it is crucial to identify and pursue companies that offer competitive remuneration and ample opportunities for career advancement. This article aims to spotlight the top 10 highest-paying companies in Malaysia.


1. Shell Malaysia

Industry: Oil and Gas

Average Salary: Shell Malaysia provides competitive salaries ranging from RM 80,000 to RM 150,000 annually, depending on the position and experience level.

Job Opportunities: Shell Malaysia offers a wide range of job opportunities in the oil and gas sector, including roles in engineering, finance, and operations. You can explore current openings and apply on Shell's official careers website.



Industry: Oil and Gas

Average Salary: PETRONAS is Malaysia's national oil and gas company, offering competitive average salaries ranging from RM 75,000 to RM 140,000 annually.

Job Opportunities: PETRONAS provides diverse career opportunities in the energy sector. You can discover job listings and submit applications through the PETRONAS careers portal.


3. Nestle Malaysia

Industry: Consumer Goods

Average Salary: Nestle Malaysia is committed to its employees' well-being, with average salaries typically falling between RM 60,000 and RM 110,000 annually.

Job Opportunities: Explore various career paths in the consumer goods industry at Nestle Malaysia by visiting their official careers page and applying for positions that align with your expertise.


4. CIMB Group Holdings

Industry: Finance

Average Salary: CIMB Group Holdings, a prominent financial institution, offers competitive average salaries of RM 70,000 to RM 130,000 annually.

Job Opportunities: Discover exciting job opportunities in finance and banking on CIMB Group's careers website, where you can apply for positions suitable to your qualifications.


5. Maybank

Industry: Finance

Average Salary: Maybank, a leading bank in Malaysia, provides competitive average salaries that typically range from RM 75,000 to RM 140,000 per year.

Job Opportunities: Maybank offers a wide array of positions in finance and banking. You can explore current job openings and apply via the Maybank careers portal.


6. Malaysia Airlines

Industry: Aviation

Average Salary: Malaysia Airlines values its employees and typically offers average salaries ranging from RM 50,000 to RM 100,000 annually.

Job Opportunities: Discover opportunities in the aviation sector by visiting the Malaysia Airlines careers page. Here, you can find job listings and apply for roles suited to your skills.


7. Telekom Malaysia

Industry: Telecommunications

Average Salary: Telekom Malaysia recognizes the importance of competitive compensation and provides average salaries ranging from RM 60,000 to RM 120,000 annually.

Job Opportunities: Explore career options in the telecommunications industry at Telekom Malaysia by checking their official careers portal for job listings and application details.


8. Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Industry: Utilities

Average Salary: As Malaysia's largest electricity utility company, Tenaga Nasional Berhad offers competitive average salaries, typically ranging from RM 70,000 to RM 130,000 annually.

Job Opportunities: Find opportunities for career growth in the utilities sector by visiting the Tenaga Nasional Berhad careers page, where you can access job listings and apply online.


9. AIA Insurance Malaysia

Industry: Insurance

Average Salary: AIA Insurance Malaysia values its workforce and provides average salaries ranging from RM 65,000 to RM 120,000 annually.

Job Opportunities: Explore job openings in the insurance industry through the AIA Insurance Malaysia careers portal, where you can find listings and submit your applications.


10. Public Bank Berhad

Industry: Finance

Average Salary: Public Bank Berhad is known for its commitment to rewarding employees, offering competitive average salaries ranging from RM 70,000 to RM 135,000 annually.

Job Opportunities: Discover career opportunities in the financial sector by visiting the Public Bank Berhad careers page, where you can explore job listings and apply for positions suited to your qualifications.


Malaysia is home to many highly reputable companies that offer competitive salaries and employment opportunities across various industries. If you seek to advance your career or explore new job prospects, consider the job openings with these companies. A thorough review of their dedicated career websites will provide comprehensive details on available positions and the application process. With just a click, you could secure your ideal position with a top-paying Malaysian company.


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