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Spot These 5 Skills to Hire the Best Digital Marketer

by Danial
Oct 29, 2018 at 9:52 AM

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Digital marketing is a powerful tool that can contribute to a company's online presence, and positively impact their bottom line. And one of the most effective ways to create a strong presence is by using digital media for your marketing needs.

These are the 5 Skills Your Digital Marketer Should Have:


1. User Experience Expert

Your audience must be able to engage with your brand name, values, and product in order to build a lasting relationship with your company. A digital marketer's job is to research on what will attract your audience and build their interest as well as knowledge by providing them with engaging content.

User experience can be made effective through content, communication channels and interface. Your website's loading speed; the easy-to-use menu navigation; chatbots that assist in communication; and simplicity and tone of your content is key to a great user experience.

Your digital marketer will also need to develop a client management strategy that helps you connect with your customers. This strategy help you manage queries and complaints as well as collect feedback for improvement. 


2. Creative Content

Create content that is unique and fresh as it can have a strong impact on your target market. Let your potential customers find your content useful. A great digital market produces great content that will improve your organic traffic and increases your search engine rankings. 

80% of your content should be about your product and 20% of it could be focused on your online sales or giveaways.

Messaging is also taking the industry by storm, especially with how Facebook's Messenger chatbots are popular with companies today. Your potential digital marketer should capitalise on this as your audience are more likely to follow a link received in Facebook Messenger than any other channels.


3. Social Media Platforms

Your online presence and identity depends on your digital marketer's ability to engage with your audience through a strong social media platform. 

Social media is the key to hyping your brand awareness and value. Apps like Twitter and Instagram are popular in engaging the audience with brand names. Digital marketers should be consistent and regular in their social media strategy to ensure the growth of your company.

Great social media strategies can leave an impact on lead generation and conversions and better search engine ranking. Influencer marketing has also seen a rise since 2016. Influencers are like referrals for the vast majority of social media users. It would be wise for your digital marketer to approach social influencers, they could help you build the company's brand visibility.


4. The Upward Trend of Video Marketing

Videos are powerful tools to communicate extensively. Digital marketers should consider using Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to engage with your audience.

They can hold live events for product launches, tutorials, and Q&A sessions in real time. This helps your audience to connect more closely with your brand and product.


5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A no-nonsense digital marketer would invest in a credible SEO solution and find out how users are interacting with your website and social media platforms. SEO will look into aspects of your website and page optimization, device optimisation and credible link building for better visibility in search engine results.

Once they understand the nature of association, outreach and impact of your brand’s SEO, they will rehash or redefine your digital marketing strategy accordingly. Understand how SEO works and learn about the expectations and prospects of hiring digital marketers who are also specialised in SEO.


A top digital marketer should have all these tips in order to attract the right kind of consumers to your business and ensure the company's survival in the fast-paced and dynamic industry.

This article is based on Evie Harrison's "5 Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Startup In 2018".