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HR Guide: Procedure and Templates for Leave Administration

by Danial
Jan 16, 2019 at 1:25 PM

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It is important for the Human Resources Department to let employees know that they will need to submit the Leave Request Form a certain number of days before (subject to Company Policy) their requested leave date.

Additionally, employees should also confirm with their employer or HR about the status of their leave request before they can go on leave (whether it is approved or not). This is to avoid them from taking unauthorised leave, and ensure that both parties (the employee and the company) are clear about the leave request.

You may also refer to the The Employment Act 1955 - Entitlement of Paid Annual Leave, Sick Leave and Public Holidays


The Procedure

Here is the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for leave administration.


1. The Human Resources Department will decide and inform the employees about their leave entitlement for the year.

  • The Human Resources Department is responsible in determining annual entitlement for certain leave types based on the Contract of Service (Letter of Appointment).

  • The Human Resources Department will notify employees and Head of Departments of the entitlement at the beginning of the year.


2. An employee will submit the Leave Application Form to Head of Department for approval.


3. Head of Department will approve the leave application and inform the employee about their request.

  • If the Leave Application is not approved, the Head of Department will give an explanation to the employee.

  • An employee will need to check with Head of Department on their Leave Application status before taking the leave.


4. Head of Department will then submit Leave Application Form to the Human Resources Department for recording and monitoring.


5. The Human Resources Department will update Leave Taken and Leave Balance.

  • The HR must record all approved Leave Application and monitor Leave Balance.


6. The Human Resources Department will determine if the employee’s salary needs to be deducted.

  • This is applicable if an employee has used up all of their Leave Entitlement.


7. The Human Resources Department will inform the employee about the status of their Leave Application on half yearly basis.

  • The Human Resources Department will prepare a Half-Yearly Report that provides details on Leave Taken and Leave Balance by Leave Types.


8. The Human Resources Department will determine the Deduction amount and proceed with Payroll Processing.


9. The Human Resources Department informs employee of Salary Deduction (if any).




Salary Deduction form

Download Salary Deduction form here


Leave Application form

Download Leave Application form here


Source: NHRC

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