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How to Manage Your Employees Like Google

by Danial
Mar 11, 2019 at 1:13 PM

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Iveta Brigis was the leader of Google People Operations. She started working for Google 12 years ago and learned a lot about recruiting and developing talent. Talking to Forbes, she listed 10 things you should know about managing talent in the world of Human Resources.


1. Trust matters

Google once conducted an investigation to find out why some teams perform better than others. They found out two key variables:

  • Psychological safety

  • Team trust

Teams that encourage safe discussions and different opinions succeed more. Good teams have high social sensitivity and their members could sense how others felt based on their voice tone, expressions and other nonverbal cues.


2. Do not trust your instincts

Everybody thinks they are a great interviewer when it comes to hiring. But what they need is more process and more structure to ensure the interview proceeds smoothly and efficiently.


3. Hiring people like yourself? Forget it

Most people prefer to hire candidates that resemble themselves. Think hard on what you are looking for. What you should do instead is to try to identify successful characteristics for the job.


4. Hire those who focus on teamwork and learning

The world is changing fast, so in order to be successful, you need to have the willingness and ability to learn. Since everything is done in teams, teamwork and empathy are key to success.


 Google People Operations leader Iveta Brigis. Credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS

5. Look beyond the horizons

If you want to diversify your talent pool, look beyond the traditional graduates from top universities. Google found success in recruiting at institutions with more minorities.


6. Great workplace

Hiring gets easier when you have a place where people want to come to work. Check your employee value proposition. Find out if people have input in management, and if they receive recognition and feedback.


7. Connect with trainers

At Google, they have a big network of employees who teach classes about coding, management and teams. They receive support on how to design effective learning experience. This will ensure its employees will stay updated with their skills.


8. Data is important

Google is a behemoth data shop, they care about analytics and strive to be evidence-based. Through data, they are able to harness it and improve their workplace.


9. Practice transparency

Google strives to be as transparent as possible by sharing important information as needed. Educators were specifically interested in strategies for how to do this better. Make sure the communication in your organisation is transparent and not hidden from your employees.


10. Grow your own employees

There are sectors in which it can be hard to find candidates with specific skill sets such as machine learning. You can solve this problem by encouraging internal employees to learn and teach others.

You can make the work very attractive by making the mission compelling (offer bonus, perks and benefits).


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