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How the Digital World Will Shape the Future of Recruitment

by Danial
Nov 12, 2018 at 1:42 PM

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The business world is familiar with digital transformation. It has changed all areas of business, including recruitment. Talent acquisition is not just about filling an open position, it’s a tool to engage with top talent and attract future employers and leaders.

Here are six ways digital transformation is shaping the future of recruitment.


1. Data security above everything

Many organisations conduct the recruitment process online, at least when it comes to the initial stages. Online job applications are simple for candidates to share resumes and for businesses to store information.

But since the data breach of the HR software provider PageUp, it is of utmost importance to have secure information storage. Rest assured if you're hiring with AJobThing, you're enjoying top security from profile to payment.

Businesses need to ensure they have the right solutions and processes in place to secure important personal data.

2. Social networking is still the way forward

Social networks changed the way companies recruit and employees search for jobs. Social media sites like LinkedIn are now the base of online recruitment. According to the CareerBuilder survey, over 70% of employers now use social media to screen candidates before recruiting.

The main problem of using social media for hiring is obvious. A profile picture can reveal personal background such as race, gender, and age could influence the recruitment process, leaving candidates exposed to a recruiter’s bias. Though the same biases still appear in a face-to-face interview, but at least in that scenario, the candidate was already selected for an interview.

Before your organisation engages in social media screening, ensure the relevant employees have received unconscious bias training.

At AJobThing, not only will your jobs appear on LinkedIn and 14 top job sites, we can help maximise your job ad reach using our popular Maukerja and Ricebowl social media platforms with over 2 million followers.


3. Let employees do the talking for you

Organisations need to be mindful of their corporate reputation on social media. Savvy recruiters already know that building the employer brand is an important part of a highly effective recruiting process.

Imagine the potential of using current employees to spread their positive experiences with your organisation across their social networks. A review, good or bad, shared by an employee can reach thousands of people in a blink of an eye.

Begin encouraging your employees to spread the word about company openings, offer employee incentives for referrals, and importantly, build a positive work culture that will attract others and inspire positive reviews


4. Mobile application drop-off rates

Job seekers today are constantly on their smartphones.

Employers have to find the right balance of sharing enough information about the company and the role to keep candidates engaged. You need just the right information to get the job done and the right amount tends to be only two to three clicks for an online application.

Provide between 300-700 words of company/role information for most jobs. Anything more than that will lead to candidates abandon the job application.

Better yet, you can reach job seekers directly on their mobile via Maukerja and Ricebowl's mobile apps. 


5. Data analytics should shape your strategy.

Too many companies are stuck with the traditional recruitment processes or are constrained by technological limitations of outdated HR systems. Using data analytics to learn what path job seekers take to find your company’s site and where they abandon the online application process provides valuable user-experience insights.

These can then shape a better roadmap to attract, engage and retain potential future employees. AJobThing's user dashboard can generate reports showing your recruitment statistics and hiring performance, to help you strategize.


Digital transformation disrupts almost everything, and it radically changes how companies recruit and the way people look for jobs. As technology further evolves, we shall continue to see the we hire shift. The only concern is what are you doing to ensure your hiring process continues similarly? A good way to start is by hiring with AJobThing, and leverage the power of digital marketing and social media to the fullest.

This article is based on Digital Transformation and the Future of Recruitment by Kurt Ballard.