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Here's Everything You Should Know About PenjanaKerjaya

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Jun 16, 2020 at 11:18 AM

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What is PenjanaKerjaya?

  • PenjanaKerjaya, which is under the National Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA), is aimed at boosting job demands among employers and increasing job opportunities and employability among local job seekers.

  • The Ministry of Human Resources is responsible for implementing the program through the National Employment Services, SOCSO.


2. What are the incentives under the PenjanaKerjaya?

The incentives in PenjanaKerjaya are divided into two categories: 

i. #MyApprentice: Apprenticeship Incentives for employers who offer apprenticeships to local job seekers who are school leavers and graduates.

ii. #HireMalaysia - There are three categories:

a. Employment Incentives that hire local job seekers under 40;

b. Employment Incentives that hire local job seekers aged 40 and above; and 

c. Employment Incentives that hire local job seekers among vulnerable groups including the disabled, and SOCSO’s Return to Work Program participants.

* Note: The age of the job seeker is based on the date of birth at the time of application

iii. Mobility Assistance: One-off payment to workers who are relocating further than 100km (one way) from the location of the job seeker's residence;

iv. Training Program Provides reskilling and upskilling, including ‘place and train’ programs based on employer and employee requirements taken under the PenjanaKerjaya.


3. Who is ELIGIBLE to Apply for PenjanaKerjaya?

  • Employers who have registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) / Department of Registrar of Societies (ROS) / Registration of Business (ROB) / Local Authority (PBT) or other organisations before 1 June 2020; and

  • Employers who have registered with SOCSO by June 1, 2020.


4. Who is NOT eligible to apply for PenjanaKerjaya?

  • Private Employment Agencies or Outsourcing / Contractor for Service that provide workforce to other companies (principal) and not as direct employers; and

  • Public sector employees, federal and state statutory bodies, local authorities and those who are self-employed (without employers).


5. What categories of non-qualified workers are incentivized under the PenjanaKerjaya?

  • Employees who are currently receiving assistance from the Employment Retention Program or enrolled in the Wage Subsidy Program are not eligible.



A. Hiring Incentive Program


1. What are the eligibility requirements for the Hiring Incentive Program under PenjanaKerjaya?

 Table information PENJANAKERJAYA
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2. Is the employer eligible to apply for an incentive under PenjanaKerjaya for employees and apprentices who have been recruited but not yet registered with MYFutureJobs?

  • Eligible. Provided that the employer must register the job vacancy information on MYFutureJobs Portal and ensure that the employee is registered on MYFutureJobs Portal. Any employer applying for an incentive under PenjanaKerjaya must first register the employee with SOCSO under the requirements set out in question 3; and

  • For employers who have registered their job vacancies and made placement at a job portal other than the MYFutureJobs Portal, employers need to update their vacancy information at MYFutureJobs including employee registration for payment processing for Hiring Incentive Program and contribution verification purposes on SOCSO ASSIST portal.


3. How do I apply for an incentive under PenjanaKerjaya?

  • Job vacancies need to be registered on MYFutureJobs Portal even though the job vacancies have been registered at another job portal;

  • In the event of a new hire, the employer must register the employee in the SOCSO ASSIST system within 30 days from the date the employee reports.

  • Beginning June 15, 2020, employers can register their employer profile on PenjanaKerjaya Portal through the employment https://penjanakerjaya.perkeso.gov.my/; and

  • Beginning July 1, 2020, employers can apply for the Hiring Incentive Program for employees hired under this incentive.


4. What are the documents required to apply for the Hiring Incentive Program under PenjanaKerjaya?

The required evidence and documents are as follows:

(i). Employer's bank account information (front page copy of Bank Statement/front page of bank booklet containing employer name, employer account number and bank name)

(ii). Business Registration Number (BRN) Information 

Note: Employers are advised to review both of the above documents correctly to avoid any delay in payment processing.


5. What does it mean by Business Registration Number (BRN) information that needs to be obtained from the bank?

  • BRN is an employer’s business registration number information which is registered by the employer during the opening of the company's current bank account.

  • Employers should contact their respective banks to ensure that the BRNs provided are correct and accurate.

  • The company’s bank account and BRN information above is required for direct payment to the employer account by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).


6. How will the incentive payment under the PenjanaKerjaya be made?

  • Incentive payments under PenjanaKerjaya are made monthly to employers after compulsory contribution payments such as SOCSO have been made(next month);

  • One-off Mobility Assistance paid to employees through the employer must be paid to eligible employees within 7 days from the date of payment received from SOCSO; and

  • Incentive payments will only be made after all of the conditions in question 3 are met including SOCSO's monthly contribution which is credited directly to the employer bank account. (Example: employee or apprentice hired on July 1, 2020, but employer registered and contributed the employee with SOCSO on July 15, 2020, incentive payments can only be made from August 2020 and so on).


7. Will the employer receive an incentive under PenjanaKerjaya if the employee or apprentice resigns or is terminated?

  • Subsequent incentives under PenjanaKerjaya are NOT PAID to the employer if the employee or apprentice resigns or is terminated.


8. What is the definition of the employee that is meant in PenjanaKerjaya’s incentive?

  • An employee that is meant in PenjanaKerjaya’s incentive follows the definition of ‘pekerja’ under the Employment Insurance System Act (Act 800).


9. How can employers check the application status?


10. Do employers need to apply every month?

  • Not necessary. Employers only need to make sure their contribution payments to SOCSO are made each month to qualify for a monthly incentive.

  • If the employee or apprentice is terminated/resigned, the employer is required to update the employee/apprentice information in the SOCSO ASSIST system first.


11. What action should an employee take against an employer who receives an incentive under the Employer Generator if the employee does not receive a monthly salary or their employer deducts their pay?

  • Employees who have complaints not receiving their monthly wage or their wage is deducted can refer to the Department of Labor.

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1. What are the requirements for Mobility Assistance under the PenjanaKerjaya?

i. Employees and apprentices hired by employers under the Hiring Incentive Program that need to relocate more than 100km (one way) from the job seeker’s previous location are eligible to claim RM600 through the employer;

ii. If the transfer involves territories from Sabah to Sarawak or Peninsular Malaysia or vice versa, they are eligible to claim RM1,000 through the employer;

iii. Mobility Assistance will be paid to employees through the employer on a one-off basis; and

iv. Employees are only entitled to one Mobility Assistance throughout the program.





1. What are the requirements of the training program under PenjanaKerjaya?

i. Employers who hire employees (except apprentices) under the PenjanaKerjaya are eligible to apply for re-skilling & upskilling based on their job or industry requirements;

ii. The list of training courses certified by SOCSO will be listed in detail at https://penjanakerjaya.perkeso.gov.my/ and will be updated from time to time; and

iii. Maximum training fee of RM4,000 per employee taken under PenjanaKerjaya.


2. When does the Training Program under PenjanaKerjaya come into force?

  • The Training Program under PenjanaKerjaya is open for applications beginning July 1, 2020.


3. How can an employer apply for a course for employees under this Training Program?


4. What are the courses offered under this program?

  • Only courses that have been approved by SOCSO and listed under PenjanaKerjaya are offered.


5. Who needs to apply for the Training Program?

  • Employers are required to submit training applications based on the needs of the employees under this incentive.


6. How long is the training period under PenjanaKerjaya?

  • The duration of training under PenjanaKerjaya depends on the types of courses which include soft skill, hard skill, transferable skill, occupation-specific and hybrid not exceeding 30 days.


7. What do employers and training providers need to do after choosing a course?

  • SOCSO will recommend approval and issue a guarantee letter to be provided to the training provider.

  • The training provider is responsible for submitting all such documents as proof of attendance and other purposes for payment to the training provider.

  • Employers are responsible for ensuring that their employees follow the course until completion.


For any questions, please contact the SOCSO customer service officer at 03-8091 5300 / 1-300-22-8000 or email [email protected]


Source: SOCSO

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