Family Holds Hope for Resumed Search as SAR Operation Nears End for Muhammad Hawari Hashim

Siti Khairina Mohd Fikri
by Siti Khairina Mohd Fikri
May 30, 2023 at 4:29 PM

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Muhammad Hawari Hashim's family expressed hope that the search and rescue (SAR) operation to locate the missing Malaysia Everest 2023 (ME2023) climber, who was reported missing, will be continued.

Following the triumphant summit of Mount Everest, the world's highest peak, Muhammad Hawari, a dedicated participant of the ME2023 mission, was reported missing in the mountainous region while descending from Camp Four.

Tragically, on that very day, Lt Col Awang Askandar Ampuan Yaacub, aged 56 and a mission participant, met his untimely demise during the ascent to the summit of Mount Everest. The Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) Kedah director died after a fatal fall while scaling the majestic peak.

Nepalese authorities have granted permission to proceed with the ongoing search efforts for Muhammad Hawari Hashim, the 33-year-old climber from Malaysia participating in the Malaysia Everest 2023 (ME2023) expedition.

In an update from Azim Afif Ishak, the president of the Malaysia Altitude Exploration Club and the leader of the ME2023 mission, it was revealed that the Nepalese authorities have temporarily suspended expeditions to the summit of Mount Everest. 

Fortunately, the Malaysian embassy in Nepal has assisted, allowing them to extend the search for Muhammad Hawari Hashim. He is a participant in the expedition and also has a hearing disability. They now have an additional five days to continue their search.

Azim further mentioned that the search team would utilize two drones and rely on the guidance of a mountain guide stationed at Camp Two. The search operations are scheduled to commence tomorrow, pending the necessary Customs clearance for a drone dispatched from Malaysia on Saturday.