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Boost Employee Productivity with These Communication Tools

by Danial
Dec 18, 2018 at 4:30 PM

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Lack of employee productivity and poor communication can negatively affect a business. Every year, companies lose thousands of ringgits due to problems involving a breakdown in communication and efficiency.

When communication becomes distorted, there is a loss of credibility, productivity will suffer and business will be disrupted. Effective dialogue between employees, supervisors, and customers can be achieved through improved communication

Here are 5 communication tools that will boost productivity among employees


1. Intranet Software

A central portal that has important documents, communication, and contracts keeps everyone on the same page. Intranet software can also reduce IT costs and keep everything safe and private.

It also centralised access to important information and allows for platforms to suit the unique requirements of your company. Through intranet software, companies can eliminate bottlenecks and promote transparency.


2. Chat Tools and Group Messaging

Remote work is getting popular nowadays. Remote workers need the right tools to communicate with managers and coworkers that go beyond the constraints of email. Giving them the tools to communicate fast and effectively is critical for productivity.

Using online communication tools such as Stride and Slack will allow your workers to communicate with each other wherever they are located. These tools also help with collaboration, often they integrate with other tools such as Google Drive.

When choosing a communication tool, you have to ensure it will work on all devices, most will have a mobile app on Android and Apple to support this.


3. Issue Tracking and Ticketing Software

Issue tracking software is a choice for both customers and workers. When a customer has a problem, they can send a ticket that will go to the right staff who can address the issue. Employees can send tickets to HR or payroll with any problems they have. Tracking these issues will also allow organisations to improve future processes. In larger organisations, this can help avoid issues slipping through the cracks and snowballing into larger problems.


4. Videos and Internal Blogs

Humans can process visual information faster than text-heavy documents. Presenting information to the staff in a medium they can quickly understand is important. Repurposing existing training material into videos, infographics, and slides can dramatically impact your team’s performance.


5. Forums for Discussion

Discussion forums allow coworkers to share information with the new members of the organisation. It is easy to answer questions and streamline information sharing, using these channels can prevent teams or departments from working in silos.

There are also other ways for traditional discussion forums, organisations can set up a dedicated Slack channel to open up the sharing of new ideas. Giving workers the chance to share information informally is appreciated and efficient.


Even when armed with the best communication tools mistakes would still happen, messaging mishaps can be pretty embarrassing. All employees deserve the chance to take back a message sent in poor judgement or contained an error. Productivity helps when employees are not spending most of their time trying to figure out how to explain or fix a communication misstep.


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