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Best Bulk Hiring Method You Have Ever Seen

by Danial
Nov 30, -0001 at 12:00 AM

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It can be a headache trying to hire candidates in mass quantities. You do not want to sacrifice quality when hiring them, but you have to meet the quota. And we haven’t come to the part where you have to attract dozens of job applicants to come in to your walk-in interviews. And what about regular interviews? So many job applicants these days don’t even show up to their scheduled interviews.

But we can solve all your hiring woes! Introducing:


Sonar, the best recruitment broadcasting tool

All of these can be overwhelming to recruiters and hiring managers, and we have a great solution for you at AJobThing.

All of your mass recruitment woes can be solved by Sonar. Taking advantage of today’s trend and technology, Sonar is a new generation marketing tool made for mass recruitment campaigns.

Let’s get to your problem number one, gaining wider job seeker reach. Traditional advertisements don’t work like they used to, in order to survive, we need to adapt. That is why Sonar’s digital advertisements method will appeal to wider audience, your target demographic. Today’s generation prefers to read news on their smartphones, rather than magazines or newspapers.

With the full power of social media, Sonar will guarantee that your job advertisement will reach thousands of readers. Our strong user database and social media followers bring people to your recruitment campaign. We have over 4 million job seekers browsing our websites on Maukerja, Ricebowl and Internsheeps. Over 600,000 job seekers are updated with our email and SMS database, and over 1 million fans (and counting!) on our social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Trying to find specific target audience? Sonar is unlike any other recruitment service, we will find only the most relevant candidates to your walk-in interview. Looking for specific age range? Check. Specific location? Check. Language? Check. Powered by our job seeker database, finding the right candidates is no longer a problem!

Worried if the job applicants will no-show at the job interview? We have developed a reminder system that will alert job applicants when they’re supposed to attend the job interview.

Now you’re probably wondering how can you keep up with your recruitment campaign, right? Sonar enables you to keep up with your recruitment campaign effectiveness with our very own analytics reports. You will also find areas to improve when it comes for your next recruitment campaign.




Sonar is trusted by many major brands in Malaysia, including Grab, Aeon, Watsons, Tesco, Tealive, McDonalds and many more! In their success story, SENHENG aimed to hire for 50 positions in Klang Valley. Over 200 job seekers came for the walk-in interview.  


Siti Shamizatulhamim, the Human Resource Executive for Baskin Robbins said “For me, it is good because sometimes we need the advertising platforms, as we may have social media, but there are limitations. So from Sonar, we get exposure from that angle.”


Sonar is not just a recruitment tool, it is a complete set of services that will guarantee the success of your hiring rate. With over 888,700 total reach and 2.5 million impressions on Facebook, we will drive as many relevant candidates to your job interview.

So if you’re looking to solve your recruitment problems and hire the best candidates for your jobs, see why AJobThing is right for you, and how Sonar can help with your recruitment needs!