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A Plea for Fair Wages for Engineering Interns in Malaysia

Engineering interns in Malaysia play an important role in the industry, but they are often underpaid. This article explores the importance of fair compensation for interns and advocates for change.

Hiring Engineering Talent: 5 Must-Ask Interview Questions

Discover the key questions that will help you identify the best talent and ensure a seamless hiring process. Our article contains useful tips, questions, and advice. These will assist you in finding and hiring talented engineers. These engineers will elevate your projects to new levels.

Top 7 Engineering Job Positions in Malaysia with High Demand

Discover the hottest engineering jobs in Malaysia with our latest article! Learn which sectors are booming, explore top job positions, and learn about the skills in demand. Don't miss the chance to shape your engineering career in this vibrant nation.

A Guide To Hiring Top Engineering Talent in Malaysia

In this informative piece, we delve deep into the pressing issue of the engineering talent shortage in Malaysia. Learn why there is a shortage of engineers and how successful Malaysian companies are solving this problem. Discover innovative approaches that can help your business thrive with this insightful article!

How To Cultivate a Safety-First Mindset in Technicians

Dive into the critical importance of prioritising safety in the field of technology. From electrical systems to complex machinery, technicians encounter potential hazards daily. Discover how to equip your technicians with the mindset, tools and soft skills they need to ensure safety is never compromised.

How Does Technology And Automation Shape Technician Jobs?

Explore how technician roles are adapting to the tech transformation, including automation and artificial intelligence. Discuss the balance between automation and human expertise, and provides insights to empower technicians in the competitive job market.

Recruiting Talent in the Technician Industry: Top 10 Interview Questions

Discover the top 10 interview questions to effectively recruit top technician talent, assessing their technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and suitability for the role.

Guide: How to Recruit Top Technician Talent

From defining your hiring needs to sourcing strategies and conducting interviews, this guide will help you build a strong team of technicians contributing to your organization's success.

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