#Working Wisdom

3 Hiring Mistakes You Should Avoid

by Zana
Sep 11, 2016 at 10:41 AM

When it comes to hiring, it is a really hard process and it could be confusing. It involves the possibility of letting go a great potential for your company and hiring the wrong person instead. When you hired the wrong person, it becomes your "mistake" and when the "mistake" aren't doing their job, it puts some strains to the team and makes work harder for everyone.  However, too many managers procrastinate to correct their mistakes. They might use excuses such as the person would improve over time. 

What can you do to reduce the possibility of making mistakes when hiring?

1. Using your gut, NOPE!

When you have a great position opening in your organization, it is easy to fall in love with the new candidate who is behaving the best and saying things that you wanted to hear. This is one of the reason why you shouldn't hire alone. Make sure the team analyzes the applicant's credentials and conduct interviews. 

2. Fight "recommendation reflex"

"Recommendation reflex" is when managers use excuses to rationalize away negative references. For example, using excuses "Well, our job is different". Jack Welch, Executive Chairman at The Jack Welch Management Institute, said you should seek out your own references to call, not just the ones provided by the candidate, and force yourself to listen to what they have to tell you even if it ruins the pretty picture you are painting in your head. 

3. Don't do all the talking

During interviews, you would want to sell your job but not at all costs. Ask about the candidate's last job and hear out what they replied. As they tell you what they like or dislike, you will most likely to hear if they are the best fit.


Source: BusinessWeek Magazine