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Top 5 HR Software for Malaysian SMEs in 2022

Mohamad Danial bin Ab Khalil
by Mohamad Danial bin Ab Khalil
Aug 09, 2022 at 8:53 AM

The best HR software allows you to structure your organisation and manage the back office more efficiently. In general, it makes everything operate smoothly with a lot less labour. Paychecks are sent out, time off is tracked, and employees update their own data.

These are the finest HR software in Malaysia in 2022:


1. altHR 

altHR is an HR Super App for businesses designed to be more than just an HR solution. It comprises essential functions including payroll, paperless leave, time tracking, claims, and expense management.

Create schedules for employees for shift-based work and allow your teams to clock in and out from anywhere.

  • Complete HR management: Entire employee lifecycle on a single platform. There's no need for confusing systems—just one platform for end-to-end HR management.

  • Employee Engagement: Using altHR Status Check-In and altHR Team Calendar, teams can keep each other updated on their plans and schedules.

  • Digital Workplace: From improved communication and time management to sales and expenditure tracking, altHR prepares your organisation for any difficulties.

  • Perks and Benefits: Taking care of your employees is more than just providing them with the necessary tools and a positive work environment.


2. Swingvy

Swingvy is a cutting-edge HR, payroll, and benefits solution for small and medium-sized organisations. Swingvy simplifies administrative HR labour by seamlessly integrating all HR information – employee data, payroll, claims, leave, and benefits — allowing SMEs to better their people management while remaining compliant with local statutory laws.

Swingvy's compliant payroll software simplifies payment processes.

Swingvy is LHDN-certified and approved, and it comes with a mobile app, so you can access everything that has to be reviewed and approved on the move!

  • Leave management software: Adjust leave balances as appropriate, and review all employee history in one spot.

  • Payroll: Pay your team's salary with a few clicks. Each employee has secure access to e-Payslips, which are generated automatically.

  • Tracking time and attendance: Track your staff's hours, whether in the office or working remotely.

  • Payroll software approved by LHDN with local bank integration


3. Kakitangan

Are you worried that your firm won't be able to find an HR software that can support fewer than 5 employees? Kakitangan is here to the rescue.  With its free and PDPA-compliant HR platform, Kakitangan also works to automate all human resource tasks.

Simplify daily staff attendance monitoring with real-time records, and streamlining the payroll update.

Kakitangan is highly safe and easy to use. Employees will enjoy the simplified leave application process. Kakitangan's software will also handle your employees' databases wisely. As Kakitangan stores its database on Amazon Web Services, you won't need to worry about data breaches. Did you know that Kakitangan encrypts data transfer to offer a second layer of security?

  • Automatic Payroll Calculation: Let Kakitangan's calculator handle the calculation of employee deductions, so you don't have to.

  • Time Tracking: Your staff can effortlessly clock in and out using their mobile devices. Geolocation makes it simple to track clock-ins and clock-outs!

  • Automated Payslip Distribution: You won't have to do a thing, Kakitangan will automatically distribute payslips to your employees.

  • Automated Transactions: You can relax knowing that Kakitangan's system will remember and execute the transactions to the accounts of your employees.

  • Shift Scheduling: You have complete control over the shift scheduling for your staff. Edit and share shifts with your staff with ease!


4. BrioHR 

BrioHR is a human resources tech company that focuses on HR management solutions. It is a straightforward, adaptable, cost-effective, and user-friendly HR management system that offers end-to-end solutions for digitising and automating all HR operations.

BrioHR is simple to set up, utilise, and scale, plus live support from their expert team to help HR modify and adjust to their specific needs.

After employees fill up their timesheets, they can send them to their manager for review and approval, all with just a click of a button.

  • Employee Digital File: Manage personnel data, employment history, projects, training records, equipment, and documentation. Everything is in one spot and is automatically synchronised with BrioHR's Reporting module.

  • Recruitment and Applicant Tracking: Simply collect and share feedback after candidate screening and interviews, improve stakeholder collaboration in the recruitment process, and make faster hiring decisions.

  • Timesheets: Track and analyse project and activity time to improve communication and efficiency.


5. PayrollPanda

Thousands of Malaysian SMEs use this premier online payroll and HR software. PayrollPanda delivers on all fronts, from monthly payroll and payslips to employee self-service. It has LDHN approval and countless excellent ratings.

Through their own log-in, your staff can check the remaining leave allocations and submit a leave request online.

You can benefit from new features thanks to its ongoing software updates every two weeks. PayrollPanda's extremely secure and user-friendly interface would allow everyone in the organisation to access it safely and easily.

  • Online Leave Management: A simple method for applying for and granting leave.

  • Statutory Form Generation: Prepare monthly, and year-end (E/EA) forms automatically and accurately.

  • Employee Self-Service: Employees can apply for leave, view their pay stubs, and check their remaining leave allocation online.

  • Payroll software that integrates seamlessly with your HR ecosystem


The most important thing to remember when choosing from an HR software list is that the system must work for you. The size, culture, and maturity of your organisation all play a role, so you should spend some time determining which features and processes are vital to you right now.

Look for a fit using the services of an efficient HR management software. The most practical way to learn how HR software works are through demos and free trials.