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Urgent Hiring: How to Hire Faster

Mohamad Danial bin Ab. Khalil
by Mohamad Danial bin Ab. Khalil
Oct 29, 2020 at 7:29 AM

So you have an urgent need for a new hire. Maybe your star employee has taken another job offer, or a period of growth has resulted in the need for more bench strength.


The need for urgent hiring

Thousands of businesses in Malaysia are currently experiencing a talent shortage. Combined with a need to fill positions much faster than ever before, Malaysian businesses need to try a different approach when it comes to hiring to get the best results.

Still, searching for a good candidate in a short time is not enough. An employee should be an investment in the long term, and filling in the roles fast has its consequences: A higher turnover and a process restart, which brings the entire urgent hiring process back to square one.

According to Korn Ferry’s study, 82% of recruitment professionals say that when it comes to searching for talent, it’s a challenge to meet current business needs while preparing for long-term business goals.

It's hard when you're competing with other businesses to find the right candidate.

How long does the hiring process usually take?

According to Glassdoor Economic Research, the average length of the interview process in Malaysia is 21.7 days. It means that it takes 22 days (rounded up) for a company to hire a candidate.

Let's say you're in an industry where one day or one week makes all the difference, surely it's not easy to wait for 22 days just to hire an employee. 

The current economic situation is only making the hiring process even longer, and with what is going on this year, it will be more challenging in the coming days. 


How to make your urgent hiring even faster

Here are several tips to quicken your interviewing process and bring in the much needed fresh employees in your workforce: 


1. Transfer some tasks to other employees

This is the time to call on to the rest of the staff in relevant jobs to pitch in and assist with some crucial tasks to keep things in the office running smoothly.

You can also hire freelancers as a temporary replacement while you search for permanent staff. This gives you enough time to hire quality talent as the urgent duties within the position are being handled and processes are working as they should.


2. Hire through staff referral or network

Referral recruiting is one of the most practical ways to hire. You will always have an employee who knows someone who can offer the services you need.

You can create a staff referral program in your organisation where you reward employees who refer good talent to their supervisors or the HR department.


3. Shorten the interview process

Sometimes, urgent hiring means cutting through needless procedures and taking only essential actions. You might need to outsource most of the hiring procedures to recruiters with strong talent pools and the time to sort through job applications to find what you’re looking for.

On AJobThing, candidates are encouraged to complete their profiles at 100%, which simplifies the vetting process. If you have urgent hiring needs, we have some resumes ready for you, which makes your work a lot easier.


4. Outsource the hiring process

As you try to keep everything smooth, you can also consider outsourcing the urgent hiring process to a recruitment company to deliver the best candidate within a short time.

It's not always easy to find good talent, and you will need to spend most of the time reading mountains of resumes. Recruitment companies such as AJobThing already have talent pools for different jobs in different industries. Our applicants often have a strong profile which makes it easier for you to find quality candidates in a short amount of time.

Man interviewing for job with long nose
Another hiring challenge is to find reliable candidates.

Urgent Hiring with AJobThing

With AJobThing, employers can manage and recruit applicants with our dashboard. You can perform actions, such as

  • sending messages to applicants,
  • shortlisting candidates,
  • bulk messaging to candidates,
  • view and track hiring performance using our analytics reports, and
  • increase their Credibility Score by being active on Ajobthing to enjoy valuable rewards including free job posts.

Employers can also access features like:

  • candidate profile preview,
  • applicant matching scores,
  • job ad performance,
  • candidate recommendations,

and many more! 

AJobThing's Job Ad

Our Job Ad products will also help your urgent hiring needs, such as the FEATURE option that helps your job ad to be the centre of attention. In any related search, your job ad will be displayed at the top of the list and job seekers will see your job ad first.

AJobThing's team of dedicated account managers are ready to help you with the best recruitment advice and solutions. You may also purchase credits packages, which enables you to acquire job posts, add-ons, and candidate profiles at a more affordable rate.



What if you need to hire a crew? It's even tougher to hire a team of employees in just a short amount of period. SONAR is the most reliable service that will help you fill multiple vacancies in just a short amount of time. 

  • We guarantee at least 90 quality candidates will show up to your job interview.*
  • You can reduce the recruitment process in only 2 weeks!*
  • Our team will find the relevant candidates and prepare them for the interview.
  • Affordable and specially made for SMEs

There is no point in waiting, hire now with SONAR by clicking HERE! and we will guide you through the process.


If you encounter sudden talent loss, do not panic. Our recruitment experts will produce the qualified candidates you are looking for while you take care of your business operations. Contact us on WhatsApp for quick, quality and reliable recruitment solutions.


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