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How This Company Filled 80 Vacancies in Only 1 Day will Impress You (VIDEO)

Nikki Liaw
by Nikki Liaw
Jul 10, 2017 at 11:02 AM

AEGIS BPO Malaysia, a renowned international brand in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) had a recruitment problem: they had 4 positions to fill on a monthly basis, totalling 80 vacancies. That may sound like a common situation for high-turnover industries such as BPO where a large workforce is needed to staff call centres, for example. What's unique about this instance is that AEGIS not only needed find, interview, and hire for 80 vacancies urgently - the candidates must understand the Chinese language.  

Research has shown that a company needs 3 to 4 good candidates to make a hire. Fortunately for AEGIS, they had 2 unique solutions that brought 200 candidates to their walk-in recruitment campaign. These solutions managed all the hard work of targetting, promoting, advertising, and organising the campaign. All AEGIS had to do was interview the candidates, and decide who to hire. 

How did they do it? 

SONAR is a proven and highly effective recruitment campaign tool for high-turnover industries. This new generation marketing tool solves the headache of repeat mass hiring and urgent hiring by drawing and targetting from a base of millions of jobseekers, directing the right candidates to walk-in interviews. 

Besides AEGIS BPO, major brands such as Starbucks, Watsons, Texas Chicken, AEON, WingTai Asia and many more, use Sonar for their recruitment campaign needs.

RICEBOWL is Malaysia's top Chinese-language jobseeker community, making it the best jobsite to find candidates who are fluent in the Chinese language. Ricebowl has more than 450,000 jobseekers, supported by a 250,000-strong active and loyal follower base on social media. 

For industries such as BPO, how well their representatives can converse in the audiences' language can be a decisive factor in customer satisfaction. Through Ricebowl, AEGIS managed to pre-filter for only Chinese-speaking candidates. 

Watch the full video to see how both Sonar and Ricebowl work to help AEGIS BPO get the right candidates:



How Does Sonar Work? Watch this to find out: