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Employers Can Still Apply for Labour Recalibration Program

Mohamad Danial bin Ab. Khalil
by Mohamad Danial bin Ab. Khalil
Feb 21, 2021 at 8:27 AM

The Labour Recalibration Program is a special program aimed to legalise illegal immigrants in Malaysia as foreign workers legally employed by a qualified employer. This program is subject to strict conditions determined by the government through the Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM) and the Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia (JTKSM).

The program, which began on November 16, 2020, will end on June 30, 2021. There is still time for employers to legalise their foreign workers in Peninsular Malaysia. 


Employer eligibility requirements

  1. The employer must be from one of the following sectors: ConstructionAgriculturePlantation, and Manufacturing.

  2. Subject to the quota approved by JTKSM.

  3. Compliant with existing foreign workers' employment term and conditions, such as pass eligibility, levy payments, and so on.

  4. Must not be in the suspected list and blacklist.


Foreign worker eligibility

This program is open to foreign workers who fulfil these terms and conditions: 

  1. A holder of Social Visit Pass (PLS), Temporary Working Visit Pass (PLKS), including foreign domestic helpers who commit offences under Section 15 (1) (c), i.e. staying overtime under the Immigration Act 1959/63 on or before 31 December 2020.

  2. A PLKS holder who committed an offence violating the pass conditions under Rule 39(b) of the Immigration Regulations 1963 whose pass is still valid on or before 31 December 2020. 

  3. Must not be a PLKS holder who was reported to run away from the employer. 

  4. Must be from one of the 15 countries listed: Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India and Indonesia.

  5. Must not be in the suspected list and blacklist.

  6. Possesses a valid country travel document that will still be valid for at least 18 months. 

  7. Must have a negative COVID-19 result slip, and the test must be conducted within three days before the appointment date. 


Payment rate

Deposit: RM500 for every foreign worker

Recalibration fees: RM1,500 for every foreign employee

Other related fees:

  • FOMEMA examination
  • A Levi of RM1,850 for the manufacturing and construction sector and RM640 for the plantation and agriculture sector.
  • RM125 for processing fee
  • RM60 for PLKS
  • Visa fees depending on the worker's citizenship.

Acceptable payment methods: Credit card and Debit card only. Cash payment will be rejected. 


End date of the program

The program will end on 30 June 2021.



1. Does the program involve vendors or third parties?

The Malaysian Immigration Department and (JIM) / Department of Manpower Peninsular Malaysia (JTKSM) runs this program without

any involvement from vendors or third parties.


2. Does the program include Sabah and Sarawak?

This program is exclusive for employers and illegal foreign workers in Peninsular Malaysia.


3. How do you join this program?

Employers need to submit an application letter via email to [email protected] to participate in the Labour Recalibration Program with complete attachments. The Malaysian Immigration Department will contact the employer for the next process.

The information required is as follows:

4. What does the employer need to do?

Employers can take the following actions at the same time, namely:

• PATI verification: JIM will contact the employer who will visit the JIM Enforcement Division with the illegal foreign worker for further matters. The employer will then obtain PATI verification documents from JIM. 

• Recalibration Certificate: The employer can submit the Recalibration application online through the Integrated Foreign Worker Management System (ePPAx) at www.eppax.gov.my.


If you have any inquiries, you can reach out to the Immigration Department's SPO at eapp.imi.gov.my/tanya/create


Source: Immigration Department of Malaysia

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