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All You Need to Know About JaminKerja Employment Incentive

Mohamad Danial bin Ab Khalil
by Mohamad Danial bin Ab Khalil
Jan 27, 2022 at 11:53 PM

Employers who hire new employees from among fresh graduates, apprentices, and vulnerable groups are qualified to apply for the JaminKerja – Employment Incentive. Employers registered with Socso before 1 January this year are qualified for a maximum incentive of RM36,000 per worker within 12 months.

This incentive will help employers with new employees from tourism-related sectors or female employees and those replacing foreign labour with local workers. Socso anticipates that this incentive would produce more job opportunities, including 250,000 new employees, and lower Malaysia's unemployment rate.

Eligible employers can send in their applications starting 17 January until 30 June 2022.


JaminKerja: What is it?

The JaminKerja-Employment Incentive programme is a financial incentive provided to employers who are hiring new employees starting 1 January 2022 who are from these categories:

  • Apprentices,

  • Graduates,

  • Vulnerable groups, including disabled workers, former soldiers, ex-convicts, senior citizens, and

  • The unemployed.


What's so special about JaminKerja?

Employers receive a 20% incentive off a maximum of RM12,000 gross salary for each employee if they stay employed for the first 6 months. The employer will also receive a 40% incentive off a maximum RM24,000 gross salary if they continue working for the next six months. Overall, a maximum incentive of RM36,000 is prepared for each person hired under the JaminKerja programme.

The employer receives the incentive every 2 months for 12 months of employment. Payment will be made for as long as the employee is active and terminated once they stop working. 

A one-off RM500 Mobility Allowance is also provided for newly hired employees on the first month the incentive was approved. 


Eligibility Requirement for Employers

  • The employer must be from any industry categories registered with SOCSO before 1 January 2022.

  • Employers from the Public sector, federal and state statutory bodies, statutory bodies with separate remuneration scheme, local authorities (PBT) are only eligible for the Apprentice category.


JaminKerja's hiring categories and incentives

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How to apply for JaminKerja

  1. The employer must register a job opening at the MYFutureJobs portal.

  2. After hiring, the employer must register the new hire at https://jaminkerja.perkeso.gov.my/ to apply for JaminKerja.

  3. The employer will receive the application status within 14 working days from the application date. The employer must pay the salary according to the employee offer letter. 

  4. Payment will be credited to the employer every 2 months according to the employee's EPF and SOCSO contribution record.


What are the required documents to apply for JaminKerja?

  1. The employer's bank account information (front copy displaying the employer's name), account number and bank name.

  2. The employer's Business Registration Number (BRN) information with the bank's approval.

  3. Job Confirmation Form that has been signed by the employee.

  4. The employee's bank account information (front copy of the Bank Statement displaying the employee's name, account number, IC number, and bank name).


What should the employer do to receive the incentive every 2 months?

The employer must ensure that the salary payment as offered in the contract, SOCSO & EPF contribution payment is executed within the stipulated period.


How will the incentive payment be credited to the employer?

  • Payment will be credited to the employer's company account once the application fulfils the eligibility requirements.

  • The Malaysianization incentive and Mobility Allowance will be credited to the employee's account once the application fulfils the eligibility requirements.

  • The payment will be made every 2 months for 6 months for the apprenticeship category and 12 months for other categories. 


Who are not eligible to receive JaminKerja's incentive?

  • Employees hired via Hiring Incentive and Wage Subsidy Programme under PenjanaKerjaya 3.0 Programme.

  • Employees who voluntarily resigned except those with 2 months of prolonged unemployment.

  • Non-citizen employees.

  • Practical students or individuals who have not finished their studies.

  • Parents, spouses, siblings, children, and those with family relationship who are hired as employees.


When is the closing date for the JaminKerja programme?

30 June 2022.


For more information, please refer to the following channels for any queries:

Facebook: PERKESO

Phone: 1-300-22-8000

Website: http://www.perkeso.gov.my/ or https://jaminkerja.perkeso.gov.my

Email: [email protected]