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7 Biggest Recruitment Problems that Malaysian Recruiters Face

by Danial
Oct 22, 2018 at 3:54 PM

According to recruiters, attracting top quality candidates is the biggest challenge for recruitment and HR managers today. In this article we look at the biggest challenges that modern recruiters have to deal with.

1. Failure to attract talented candidates

In this candidate-driven market where candidates are approached by multiple recruiters it becomes very difficult for recruiters to attract talented candidates. Top candidates might not be around when recruiters finally decide to extend the offer.

Delay in the hiring process is also killing the recruitment process. Reducing hiring period also becomes a very difficult task as they are juggling with candidates at the same time and the follow-up interviews take a lot of time to set up.

2. Lack of understanding between recruiters and hiring manager

Lack of communication and understanding between recruiters and hiring managers can cause lot of problems in the recruiting process. This includes the inability to identify the right skill sets in the prospective candidates or deciding on the best channels for sourcing the right talent.

3. Keeping Millennials in the workforce for a longer period of time

The challenge for the recruiters is that Millennials have the tendency to do job hopping that increases their workload as they have to search for candidates for the same positions more frequently.

4. Unable to use data effectively

Most of the recruiters today use technology tools to their advantage, but they do not have the ability to effectively use data. Recruiters fail to employ the data to make better recruitment decisions and enhance their processes.

5. Unable to balance the speed of hire vs. quality of hire

Although recruiters want to recruit a candidate as soon as possible, there is always an urge to get the best talent possible which usually takes time. Increasing the recruitment speed is perhaps one of the hardest tasks for the recruiters. Excellent recruiters would manage to fill as much vacancies as fast as possible, just like this company that was able to fill 80 vacancies in one day.

6. Inefficiency during the recruitment process

Many recruiters waste their time by working on unnecessary administrative tasks. Tasks like reviewing candidates' resumes took days instead of hours. This has led to the increasing use of applicant tracking systems by recruiters.

They should have spent the time on sending a candidate for final selection to the client instead.

7. Failure to provide great candidate experience

Recruiters have to end the hiring process properly with candidates, even if they are rejecting them. If  they are are not doing that it will have a negative impact on creating a talent pool for the future as well as overall corporate branding of the organization.

This article is based on "7 Biggest Recruitment Challenges faced by Modern Recruiters" by Talentnow.


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